Two Nigerians netted over drug possession

Police in Lilongwe are keeping in custody two Nigerian nationals for being found with dangerous drugs which are suspected to be cocaine.

Spokesperson for Lingadzi police station, Salome Zgambo has identified the suspects as Ajagu Jude Okwuchuku aged 40, and Ekoh Chinomso Charles, aged 31.

Zgambo further said that police got a tip from well-wishers that the two were selling the prohibited drugs.

Upon investigations, the police arrested the culprits after finding them with eight cracks of drugs, which are suspected to be cocaine, concealed in black plastic bags.

Currently, the drugs have been taken to Chitedze Research Station for further drug examination.

However, police have warned the public to resist from any drug and substance abuse, as well as to report to police any suspicious persons selling or keeping drugs.


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  1. If Nigerians are selling you drugs, you can be sure that they are probably fake or at least mixed with something else. Buy at your own risk I guess.

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