Development partners urge Malawians to respect court ruling


Heads of Missions in Malawi have urged all political leaders and citizens to respect the Constitutional Court’s ruling in the presidential elections case.

Ambassadors of the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Norway, Germany and Ireland as well as the EU Heads of Missions in Malawi have said this in a joint statement today on the political situation in Malawi.

The diplomats have acknowledged the anticipation and tension surrounding the impending release of the Constitutional Court ruling and have urged both the petitioners and the respondents, political parties and their supporters, and all Malawians, regardless of their political affiliation, to respect the decision of the court

“We collectively reaffirm our support for Malawi and its citizens as you forge a democratic future, based on an adherence to democratic values, inclusive justice, and constitutional rule,” says the statement.

The development partners have also emphasised that Malawi can draw on an impressive history by upholding peace after the ruling.

The Heads of Missions says those who will not be satisfied with ruling should adhere to the path outlined in Malawi’s constitution and electoral laws, including on the right of appeal and should avoid violence.

“For those who choose to exercise their right to demonstrate, we urge you to do so peacefully and legally, and for security personnel to proceed with balance and restraint,” says the statement.

The Constitutional Court will deliver its ruling in the high profile presidential elections case on Monday, 3rd February, 2020 at Lilongwe District Registry of the High Court.