NICE steps up efforts to promote peace


National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) has been conducting a series of peace building workshops throughout the country as one way of promoting peace and co-existence in the country.

Speaking on Friday after a workshop at Calvary Family Church in Lilongwe, NICE National Program Manager Gray Kalindekafe said they want to prepare people for the verdict of the court in the presidential elections case.

Kalindekafe added that they have been engaging political party leaders, mayors, vendors and traditional and faith leaders to train them on various aspects of conflict management to ensure that they understand that in the court case there will be a winner and loser.

“Every political party leader and member should go and spread message of peace to their supporters. We are also advising people that if their party wins the case, they should celebrate their victory without violating rights of other people such as damaging other people’s property,” he said.

He added that the initiative is also promoting patriotism by encouraging people to love one another regardless of their affiliations.

In a separate interview with Malawi24, Deputy Mayor for Lilongwe City Council Richard Banda said the misunderstandings and violence that have been happening in the country have contributed to low tax collection in the city.

“As a council we are concerned with the violence that has been happening in our city. We are failing to collect taxes which people expect from Lilongwe City Council,” he said

Banda then commended NICE for the initiative and asked the youths in the country to desist from violence by being at the forefront encouraging peace and co-existence.

Among of the stakeholders who attended the workshop were Muslims leaders, vendors, deputy mayor and youths.


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