Mzuzu residents forced to pay chiefs to access maize from Admarc


A committee comprising chiefs at Chiputula Admarc depot in Mzuzu has been accused of demanding money from community members who go to the depot to buy maize.

According to the community members, one of the block leaders Chief Nyachanya of Chiputula leads the Admarc Committee in demanding K500 from people looking to buy maize.

The committee members tell the residents that the money is for the renovation of the Admarc depot which was burnt down by protesters last year.

This is also happening at Mzilawaingwe Admarc market where a committee demands money from the customers.

In an interview, Mzuzu City Council Public Relations Officer McDonald Gondwe said the Council is not aware of the issue.

“If it true then it’s an unfortunate situation because they are tarnishing image of the city council,” said Gondwe.

Admarc Deputy Regional Manager for North Edward Chikuse said the corporation will investigate and will act accordingly against workers involved in the scam.

“Our sellers’ duty is to sell maize by issuing a receipt to whoever comes to buy maize at the market, otherwise Admarc does not demand anything apart from the money a customer pays for the maize they have bought.

“However, we will investigate the issue and if that is done by the community leadership we will advise them to do that away from our market. If it is our staff, of which I very much doubt, we will take action against such personnel,” said Chikuse.