Poetry Movement invades school with message of peace


Vilipanganga Poetry Movement (VPM) on Friday conducted an outreach program at Target Secondary school in Blantyre with the aim of promoting peace and inspiring students to embrace their skills.

The event was organised under the theme of Let Peace Reign in regard to Malawi’s current political impasse statu whereby there have been series of unfortunate events.

Paul Sezzie who is Director of Communication and Co-founder of the movement emphasized on the significance of the event.

“The theme was Let Peace reign. As we all know that Malawi is undergoing unprecedented political upheaval and we need all voices to speak peace, not war; the world is on the verge of war and we need world leaders to calm down and Let Peace Reign. So we thought it wise to organize this outreach program in order to preach peace through poetry and to promote art and inspire the students,” said Sezzie.

During the event, a number of activities were done including poetry recital, music, speeches, motivation talks and the activities were performed by both members from VPM and students from Target secondary school.

“We want to unearth new talent in poetry and other arts genres with the purpose of nurturing them to realise their fullest potential, to motivate them to work hard in their academic endeavors. Our belief is that education makes a better poet. We have also done this to entertain them in a different way. Entertainment is not all about disco; Discipline the mind by listening/ watching a poetry performance,” said Sezzie.

On his part, Mr Mfune who is a teacher and patron of Target secondary school writers club hailed VPM for taking part in a such wonderful and educative event at the school saying that it was a great motivation to the students.

“This was a powerful and great event and I believe that the students will not remain the same as they have learnt a lot. The primary objective of the event was to come out of class and engage the students to perform poems and showcase other skills, with the presence of VPM the students have been motivated,” said Mfune.

Concurring with Mfune, Hanisha Mwale a form four student and chairperson of Target secondary school writers club stressed that the event motivated them to embrace their writing skills and improve their English.

VPM was Co-founded in 2016 by Paul Sezzie and Yankho Seunda with the aim of harnessing poetry and artistic talents among youth.

The Movemnet holds free open mic sessions every Wednesdays at Kwa-Haraba art gallery and cafe. Since its inception, Vilipanganga poets have performed at international stages including Lake of Stars, Tumaini Festival, and Blantyre Arts festival and other corporate events.