Livingstonia Synod tells youth to refrain from violence

Reverend Levi Nyondo

The CCAP Livingstonia Synod has told young people in Mzuzu to refrain from violence and to accept the Constitutional Court ruling in the presidential elections case.

The remarks were made on Wednesday at Viyere CCAP church by Livingstonia Synod General Secretary Reverend Levi Njombole Nyondo.

He told the youth to respect the Malawi Constitution saying the Livingstonia Synod also does the same.

Nyondo further urged the youth to avoid getting involved in acts of violence after the court delivers its ruling.

“You are the leaders of tomorrow, and let’s respect the outcome from ConCourt, we know there is a lot happening now but let’s wait for the court and accept the outcome,” said Nyondo.

Commenting on the issue, Livingstonia Synod Moderator Rev Douglas Chipofya said it is their duty to give young people advice.

“We find it good to come and give Synod youth advice that can affect their lives and it is the synod’s responsibility to do this always,” said Chipofya.

Youths from different CCAP churches around Mzuzu gathered together for the youth conference at Viyere CCAP Church in the city.