Blessed Citizen’s new song 50-50 in the offing


Malawi`s gospel musician Blessed Citizen has announced his new single which will hit the public domain any day from now via different platforms in the country.

Born Dalitso Chimombo, the Lilongwe based mic lover has disclosed the title for his song as 50-50. The tune which Malawi24 has already listened to, dwells on the reciprocal love between a man and Jesus Christ.

“The song focuses on the love between man and Christ. I am also pleased to announce that it will be included in the album that am working on,” said Blessed Citizen.

In a fair analysis of the song, it is one of the rare products to have come out from Malawi`s music industry. Lyrics were wonderfully written, the instrumental was magically crafted and the marriage between the voice and the beat is a match made in heaven.

50-50 passed through the hands of skillful producers, Cozizwa and Pro I. The multi-talented producers combined efforts in creating the instrumentation, recording and mixing.

Chimombo who idolizes other gospel artists Liwu and KBG, started doing gospel music in 2012.

He is a born again Christian whose dream is to preach the gospel internationally using the art as a vehicle for transferring his message.

Dalitso is also motivational outside music as he works for One Day Investments, a company that specializes in logistics. He is also an associate of an events planning company called W.A.T.

As the anticipation for 50-50 is heightening, the artist assures the audience that the song is coming their way sooner than later.