Health workers in Chikwawa accused of neglecting patients


Community’s members at Ngabu and Masache in Chikwawa have complained over the behaviour of health workers at Dolo Health Centre saying they open or close the facility as they wish.

The community members have complained that lives of patients are put at risk as health workers ignore them.

Some patients are forced to rush to Ngabu Rural Hospital which is 20 kilometres away from the health centre.

“I do not have any hope that my wife will be assisted. When we come to the hospital we expect to receive treatment and not the way things are happening here,” complained Patrick Sabawo of Tusida village on Friday afternoon.

Speaking on the issue, Chikwawa health office spokesperson Settie Piriminta said the appropriate action for the matter will be taken.

“We are hearing from you. We will go and investigate, if found true we will definitely take an action,” said Piriminta.

Dolo Health Centre services a population of over 40, 000 including people from neighbouring Mozambique.