Malawians tell Melania Trump off


Malawians have criticized the design of a school block built in Lilongwe by a member of United States First Lady Melania Trump’s team.

A member of Trump’s advance team identified as Carolina raised money to build a school block at Chipala Primary School in Lilongwe following the US first lady’s trip to Malawi last year.

“After my trip to Africa, a member of our advance team raised money on her own time to get a new classroom built for the Chipala Primary School in Lilongwe, Malawi. Thank you Carolina, for showing what it means to #BeBest!” Trump wrote on her Facebook Page.

However, some Malawians are not happy with the design.

“I am just wondering why was she advised or suggested to build such an outdated and lowly classroom, such structure in 2020? Did she ask someone to build the classroom on her behalf?

“But such structures should not be built in this era, as we are all switched on and looking for real and proper infrastructures. Am sorry to say not impressed,” wrote Nicholas Kachingwe on Facebook.

Another Facebook user claimed that the donor would not have built a school block of such a design in her home country

The School block

While Nellie Mlanga wrote: “By now we should have upgraded into better to best architect works. We have all seen what Madonna build for the children’s of Malawi… That’s our measuring cylinder for quality buildings from team abroad.”

However, some commenters thanked Carolina for the school block saying it is a huge improvement on the temporary structures that are found in most schools.

“Let’s not forget others are still learning under trees whilst the govt has other priorities. And this is a personal donation I therefore find it unappreciative if we say this building this era. What have we done this era ourselves? Let’s try appreciate other peoples initiatives at times,” on Malawian wrote.

Another commenter said: Even the government is failing to erect such a structure. I am impressed that a foreigner came and saw the need for a classroom and built one.




  1. Looking a gift horse in the mouth is the dumbest thing anyone can ever do

    1. Thank you captain obvious. I agree with you, but I also with they would shove the classroom up theirs at the same time. Are we been asked to suddenly believe that the Trumps care about “shit hole” countries now? I am not buying it.

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