Minister calls for more reporting on climate change


Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology, Mark Botomani on Monday urged journalists in Zomba to continue reporting on critical issues such as climate change as well as issues concerning national development.

Botomani (C)

Botomani was speaking this on 30 December 2019, during the end of year party in which members of Zomba Press Club organized at Mango Lodge.

In his remarks, Botomani told members of Zomba Press Club to be proud of their work since they have a great mandate.

“You, journalists play a crucial role in the information function of government, therefore, you have to be established in a journalistic way,” said Botomani.

In his remarks, the President of Zomba Press Club, Cassim Aubi, appreciated the minister for attending the event.

“I thank the minister for gracing the occasion, and his presence has completely shown the commitment of government in promoting media work,” said Aubi.

During the event, the minister had one-on-one interactions with the press club members. Botomani was not alone at the party as he was accompanied by the Director of Information, Mzati Nkolokosa.