St Egidio feeds Chichiri Prison inmates


On Wednesday, the Community of St Edigio took their Christmas celebration to Chichiri Prison in Blantyre where thousands of inmates were served with meals.

Speaking at the event, one of the responsible members at the Community of St Egidio Alexious Kamangila said the gesture follows the Gospel of Jesus Christ of love to people who are neglected in the society.

Kamangila added that the Community of St Egidio is of the view that Christmas is for everyone as Christ is born for all mankind.

“Christmas is a celebration that brings light and joy, a light and joy we attempt to attain and live every day: without excluding anyone, leaving no one outside the door, because the Christmas child wants everyone to be included” said Kamangila.

“This is why as Saint Egidio, we come out of our comfort zone and celebrate with inmates at Chichiri prison, not a place people would normally be excited to be found,” he added.

On behalf of fellow inmates at the prison, Dalton Jonathan applauded the Community of St Egidio members for visiting them on Christmas Day to interact with them.

“I am happy just the way my fellow inmates are, I have been here for three years now, and I know what it means to be visited by people who are outside these buildings,” said Jonathan.

He then pleaded with other well-wishers to embrace the spirit of love to inmates shown by the Community St Egidio saying they need such comfort and love from people who are outside the walls.

“Yes, we are here because of crimes, but I am telling you amongst us, we have people that are here because they failed to justify their innocence in court and the court served them with jail terms,” said Jonathan.

With funds from well-wishers, fundraising and contributions from members, Community of St Edigio has fed inmates Chichiri Prison as part of Christmas celebration.

Community of St Egidio also shared love on Christmas Day to the elderly and children across the country