Organisation to distribute seedlings to youth clubs


In its quest to encourage tree planting this season, Youth Progressive Environmental Solutions (YPES) in Lilongwe will distribute tree seedlings to local youth clubs, youth organizations, Community Based Organizations and individuals for free.

YPES said through a statement that a total of one hundred individuals will be given free seedlings two seedlings per person while youth clubs or youth led organizations will get three each.

YPES seedlings

However, those who willing and interested to receive free tree seedlings should find their own means of transportation to transport seedlings from YPES’s nurseries in Lilongwe to their designated areas.

Youth Progressive Environmental Solutions is involved in environmental conservation activities such as afforestation by producing tree seedlings through its Youth Progressive Environmental Solutions Greenery and has been in seedling production for over two years.

Besides that, YPES has activities in energy sector, which includes the production of Fuel Efficient Cook Stove and Briquettes production.

YPES was established in 2018 with the mission to improve solid waste management in Lilongwe and across the country in compliance with environmental policies and legislation.