Tanzanian national jailed two years for theft by trick


The Second Grade Magistrate Court in Mchinji has sentenced a 34-year-old Tanzanian national to two years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing money by trick.

The convict has been identified as Bashir Makado.

In 2016, the Tanzanian trickster approached Alick Banda 29, who hails from Mbwauka Village, T/A Mlonyeni in Mchinji at Mwami Border for urgent cash amounting to K240, 000 to fix a problem to his truck which he claimed was faulty.

Makado showed Banda a stationery truck to prove his claims, a thing which compelled the Malawian to give the Tanzanian the cash.

Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent Saddley Sambo told court that in the process Banda was cheated to accompany the trickster to one of the banks at Mchinji Boma where he queued on the line in order to withdraw cash.

Tactfully, the Tanzanian crooked Banda that the bank teller had advised him to find a black plastic jumbo to be used as a bag in carrying the cash while leaving the reporter behind.

This was the time the trickster found a chance and sneaked out with the money.

From 2016, Bashir Makado has been on the run only to re-appear on November 11, 2019 and was recognized by Banda who alerted police.

Before Second Grade Magistrate Governor Chiipanthenga, Bashir admitted to the charge of fraud other than false pretences which is contrary to section 319 (a) of the penal code.

While passing his judgment early this month, Magistrate Chiipanthenga said he was saddened by the increased reports of cases of people being tricked in the district.

“Many people have fallen victims of tricksters where huge sums of money and personal properties have been swindled by unscrupulous people like him,” he said.

The magistrate did not consider his mitigations saying that the act is evil for the development of our country.

He later sentenced the Tanzanian to two years imprisonment with hard labour.

Bashir Makado (34) comes from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.