Livimbo warehouse owners to drag govt to court


The businesspersons who own warehouses which the Lilongwe City Council demolished yesterday will take government to court over the demolition.

The warehouses

Ishmael Wadi, who is lawyer for the owners of the warehouses, said the council’s action has surprised his clients because there is a legal battle over the issue.

According to Wadi, his clients already appealed against the demolition order.

“I will seek court redress of course. We will sit down first with our clients but definitely we will take legal redress,” he did.

On Saturday, Lilongwe City Council demolished the warehouses which were built on land belonging to Livimbo Community Day Secondary School.

According to the council, it did not authorize construction of the buildings owned by Indian businesspersons.

Before the demolition, Indian and Chinese businesspersons who stored their goods in the warehouses were given two hours to remove their goods.

Last month, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Vuwa Kaunda ordered the demolition of the multimillion kwacha warehouse saying it was illegally constructed and it encroached on the school’s land.