Norwegian Government hands over motorcycles to MoEST


Norwegian Government on Wednesday handed over 105 motorcycles to Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST) to facilitate efforts aimed at improving education for the young people, especially girls.

Speaking in Lilongwe after the donation, Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, Steinar Egil Hagen said education is one of the key sectors in any country as the future of the country is dependent on educated citizens.

Hagen said there have been significant improvements in education in the country, as such; the Royal Norwegian Government and donors would like to support the development of primary education in the country.

He further stressed the need for keeping the quality of education at the same level all over the country, in rural areas and in the city.

“These motorbikes will allow inspectors (data collectors) to go around and do their job easily so that the quality of education is the same in the country,” he said.

In his remarks, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, William Susuwele Banda said the motorbikes will be distributed in the 34 educational districts and will ensure that data collectors (inspectors) collect information to be used for educational purposes.

“The motorbikes will be used to collect data that will be used to make decisions,” said Banda.

He, however, said mobility was still a huge challenge despite the motorbikes that have been donated because only data collectors will be beneficiaries but there are also Primary Education Advisors (PEAs) who need similar assistance.

“We have over 400 of them and these are required to move from one school to another. Some of them are responsible for more than 15 schools and for them to move from one school to another they need transport,” the minister said.

He further said the suitable means of transport in rural areas are motorbikes and therefore, appealed to well-wishers to help with more motorbikes to supplement the ones that have been donated.

By Ireen Kayira Mana