Chimulirenji assures disaster victims of assistance


…In Ntcheu tomorrow to visit more people

Vice President Everton Chimulirenji has assured people in the country of government’s assistance whenever they are affected by disasters.

The Vice President made the remarks on Thursday at Tchesa Primary School ground in Senior Chief Kanduku in Mwanza where he symbolically presented the relief items to the affected people.

Chimulirenji at a rally in Mwanza

Chimulirenji who is also Minister responsible for Disaster Management Affairs maintained that government will reach out to all families affected by disasters in the country.

He then called on communities to take active roles in disaster risk reduction programmes government and its partners are implementing in the country.

In Mwanza, stormy rains that fell on 15th November, affected 592 and 252 households in Senior Chief Kanduku and Nthache, respectively.

Government through the Department of Disaster Management has reached out to a total of 844 households that were affected.

The government has provided each of the affected households with one 50kg bag of maize, five plastic cups, five plastic plates, one 20-litre bucket, 5 kg beans and 1kg kitchen salt.

Earlier in the day, the vice president visited people and areas affected by the rains to appreciate the damage caused.

On Friday, Chimulirenji will be in Ntcheu where he will also visit people affected by stormy. The vice president will later address a rally at Matundu Primary School Ground in the area.