FDH hacked? Bank says no

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FDH Bank has dismissed reports that its system has been hacked and customer data stolen or compromised.

The bank said this in a statement on Wednesday following reports that its system was hacked.

According to the financial institution, a group called Shadow Kill contacted the bank on November 13 this year claiming that it had managed to breach FDH Bank security protocols and extracted information.

The group emailed FDH an attachment containing random computer commands, staff email addresses, and mobile phone numbers.

“Shadow Kill warned that they will release such information to the general public unless the bank pays millions of kwachas through 4 bitcoins,” FDH said.

Following a comprehensive assessment of its system, the bank noted that the information that was shared was meaningless and was likely collected by a disgruntled former employee.

“The engagement with the criminal group was immediately terminated and in the meantime FDH Group is taking further action,” said the bank.

Meanwhile, the bank has assured its customers that it has a secure system and it conducts regular vulnerability assessment of its system.

“FDH Bank regard customer funds and data security as key to its digital security,” the bank said.