Shocking: A spy husband hiding in the crowd located by Pastor Alph Lukau  


Pastor Alph Lukau, the South African based prophet located a husband who was spying his wife by hiding in the crowd.

Prophet Lukau’s official YouTube, begins with the Alleluia Ministries’ pastor locating a woman called “Shantelle who was worried over her marriage’.

When the so called woman moves forward, Lukau begins ‘prophesying to her’. “Receive the blessings of God, May your life not be the same again, I saw you crying over your marriage, your husband want to leave you. I saw you communicating with your husband on what sup, your husband send you along message at exactly 21:10 pm saying he is tired of you. you  were married on the 13th of august 2011,  you don’t have a child because in 2013 you had a miscarriage, in 2015 you had two miscarriages, the first on in January and the second one in july,last year you hard another miscarriage ,four miscarriages “.


The woman accepted that all what the pastor was saying was true. She said she to come to His Ministry because she had a dream of the pastor prophesying to her that her past is over. Lukau wanted to know her husband’s where about and she answered that her husband  didn’t sleep home last night, she left him home where he was preparing to go to his church where he is a pastor.

The pastor asks the woman to call her husband who he said he was in the church at the moment.

“Your husband   made a mistake, he followed you, your husband is thinking that you went to somewhere else and he followed you here.The prophet ask Shantelle to call her husband who was identified by the pastor as Clement Maphisa, but clement didn’t show up.

Pastor Lukau started searching for clement and he found him. The husband confenced that he was following her wife using the tracker which he put in his wife phone because he was suspecting her of cheating on him. He confenced that he was hiding because he has been fighting with his wife because she is barren and all his family was against him to the extent that he decided to divorce her.

Pastor Lukau told the couple that God will answer their prayer; he told Clement that if she leaves Shantelle she will miss out what God Has restores for him.

“If you take your wife today, my words will not fall to the ground and by next year this time you will have Twins” he said.

They were told to forgive each other because the two was meant to be with each other.



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