Social commentator condemns suspension of ESCOM workers


A social commentator has condemned the suspension of nine Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) workers over power outage saying authorities should not get worried about a blackout that lasted for a few minutes when people in the country are experiencing hours of power outage.

Last week, ESCOM suspended nine of its senior members of staff from Southern Region office in relation to the power outage that occurred earlier this month at Chancellor Collage in Zomba.

Humpreys Mvula
Mvula: The suspension is wrong

It is reported that power went off for almost eight minutes as President Peter Mutharika was addressing University of Malawi congregation during a graduation ceremony at Chancellor College.

However, Mvula the social commentator has condemned the suspension claiming that there is nothing wrong which these nine officers did regarding the power outage.

He said everyone in the country knows that power outage has become the order of the day hence there is no reason to suspend them for doing a job which they were supposed to do.

“I don’t think this is a right decision, no! Here in Malawi, we are struggling to the much needed power day long. In our homes, the blackouts go up to six hours and I am finding it hard to understand why one could worry with an eight minutes power outage.

“I think this suspension can be applicable only and only if the shutting down of power during the president’s speech was deliberately done. So, if it wasn’t deliberate, there is no need to suspend them,” said Mvula.

The commentator further urged presidential aides to always take note of such challenges claiming this can happen anytime so there is need to have backup power in case such development occurs.

He further said that it is very sad that ESCOM officials are trying to hide the power crisis in the country to the president arguing that Mutharika is supposed to as well experience such difficult times for him to consider bringing the lasting solution.

Meanwhile, investigations have been instituted to find out what led to the power failure during Mutharika’s address at the graduation.

The development is happening at a time when most parts of the country are experiencing 6-9 hours power outage a day across the country.


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