Musician Saint mourns endless love on Nelia


The Malawi musical landscape is changing rapidly, as has musician Saint. But now, like a light from the 12-hour electricity blackout in the Ghetto—or maybe like a phantasmagoria of butterflies from a cobra—he has resurfaced from a gutter of competition to prove that he is still around with some fabulous love stories at heart to tell.

Saint’s new single titled Nelia, officially dropped on November 4, 2019, is its own kind of monolith declaration of an endless love, which sends a strong encouragement to those who easily give up on their dream lovers.


“Even if she is taken by someone, go after her,” the statement of the song seems to speak unapologetically.

When Saint announced that he was working on a charming love single months ago, a love tale with daring and ear-scorching lyrics was certain. Now sensational Nelia is finally out, fulfilling his promise as well as proving his creativity. From Delilah, every love song done by Saint seems to come with its own bombshell with Nelia illuminating a caution of an endless love to his dream woman despite being with someone else. Hmm? Saint, this is war!

Lyrically, Saint sets a brave tone of an endless love on Nelia: practically stating what will follow; “do not pass my way with your man holding your hand because I want you to be mine. I can’t wait for your break up with him so that you become mine forever.”

In the hope of claiming what he loves, Saint enters an artistic yet emotionally charged battle to win Nelia, a girl of his dreams. His sense of humour on the song becomes sarcastic when he warns of killing the man who is apparently in love with a girl of his dreams. Serious?

On the chorus, a listener stumbles on an emotional Saint slowly cruising on an edifice of mourning guitar strings, a calm vocal range and weeping lyrics which confirm he is crazy over this woman. Indeed, this lucky woman must be an extraordinary queen, not these other slay queens who are always eager to jump on every car they come across in town.

Saint’s musical aesthetic has been reggae, but the approach in Nelia is unique and the lyrics are stubborn and sweet-talking.

Distinctively, what the song shares is a smooth and charming production by OBK and Sispence, and energy that feels like pure refined Saint. Again, the way the mourning guitar strings have been crafted on the song, is absolute cry which symbolizes a mood of a frustrated soul burning with desire to love.

Saint, a reggae star with hit songs that have become household names among the reggae fraternity in Malawi—has justified himself as another weaver of love songs on Nelia. There may be too many love songs on airwaves presently, but Nelia is a powerful additional to the list.

Long live Nelia!

By Howard Mlozi