Four arrested for arson in Nkhatabay


Police in Nkhatabay have arrested four people for setting ablaze houses during clashes between Mkondezi and Msakanene villages which occurred on October 14.

One of the damaged houses

According to Nkhatabay police spokesperson Kondwani James, the four are connected to the burning of over 20 Msakanene houses.

The suspects include Jim Mukhonya aged 28 of Mtilirwa Village, Alick Kamanga aged 22 of Mzizimanga Village both in the area of TA Mkumbira in Nkhatabay. Others are Elias Chiphwanya aged 40 of Chizundwe Village as well as Achanda Mphande 37 of Malepa Village both in the area of TA Timbiri.

James added that all suspects have been placed on remand as further investigations are in progress.

Last month, a group of people from Mkondezi Village, Traditional Authority Mkumbira went to Msakanene Village Traditional Authority Timbiri to recover items which they believed had been stolen by a resident of Msakanene.

The group stormed the house of a friend to the suspect but the house owner screamed to alert other villagers that he was being attacked by thieves.

A fight ensued leading to the death of Mugha who was from Mkondezi

Angered by the death of Mugha, villagers from Mkondezi yesterday invaded Msakanene village where they set on fire 21 houses. Three other people from Mkondezi died during the fight.

A few days later, police arrested three suspects in connection to the severe beating of Gift Mugha who was the first person to be killed in the fracas.