Church of England bans hijab in Malawi


The Church of England has banned hijab in schools in Malawi, leading to clashes between its members and Muslims.

In the Southern Region district of Balaka, the church – known as the Anglican Church – runs M’manga primary and community day secondary schools where students are barred from wearing hijab.

This church in Balaka was damaged by an angry mob

Over the past month, students at the schools have not been learning due to the school’s decision as the Muslim community around the school demand that their children should be allowed to wear the headscarf.

The Muslims also argue that they are usually involved in development projects at the school hence they are also part owners.

On Monday, two learners wearing hijab were sent back from the school.

Members of the Muslim community, angered by the school’s decision, stormed M’manga Anglican Church which runs the primary school. The group damaged the church and the priest’s house.

In retaliation, the Christians went to Mangochi Turn-Off Mosque where they broke windows and pelted stones at the building. Shops were also damaged during the fracas.

Several people also sustained injuries due to the violence and some were taken to hospital.

Police who responded to the fracas fired teargas to disperse the warring groups.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has expressed concern over the violence and the lack of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

“Preventing access to services such as education because students choose to wear an expression of their religion goes against these important human rights and international standards on freedom of education,” said United Nations Resident Coordinator in Malawi Ms. Maria Jose Torres.


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  1. 1. What would Jesus Christ do, ban the headscarves or welcome them as they are? I need not to spell out the answer. See these churches they are so vested in structures and their own man made believes and regulations. These rules have no bearing in Christianity. Jesus didn’t come to earth, die and resurrected for the sake of forming Christianity, he didn’t come to start any religious group but rather to foster our RELATIONSHIP with God – not religion. Religion is man made, RELATIONSHIP with divinity is God made. Jesus Christ established this relationship for us where ALL are welcome, ALL means All – irrespective of what they choose to wear, irrespective of where they are ALL inclusive. Now these churches are after establishing a religious clan to their own benefit.

    2. Then we have Malawians, choosing to be divided on religious lines. Fighting for religion that’s not theirs, fighting for rules and regulations made for them somewhere else yet have nothing to do with their standing with God.

    All these religions are vanity! They are structures of control aiming to benefit the so called founders. We are Malawians and we must never take sides when any authorities divides us based on religion or anything for that matter.

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