Ril B goes international: Teams up Kenyan artist


Mzuzu based singer Ril B has taken a giant step in his music career having worked with a Kenyan musician on a new song.

The Mwini Zinthu hit maker combined efforts with Kenyan musician Winta, on a project entitled Chiphadzuwa. The song was unleashed on Sunday.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Ril B said he decided to work with the Kenyan in an effort to grow. He added that as an artist he felt oblidged to extend his artistic voice to other countries as one way of putting the country on the map.

Chiphadzuwa has been done in both Chichewa and Swahili languages. It is a song which talks about the beauty of a woman.

“We are talking about a very beautiful woman, focusing on her inner and outside beauty, appreciating her love and tell her how much we love her,” explained Ril B

Now that the audio is out, shooting visuals for Chiphadzuwa remains an untouched part on the musicians’ to-do list. According to Ril B, the video will be shot in Kenya, in the near future. When asked about who owns the song, the Chatha star said it belongs to all of them.

But how big is Winta in Kenya? The musician in question is well known in his motherland. He is the Craftsman behind a hit song under the title Tantam.