MEC sensitises chiefs on voter process


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has sensitised chiefs on the voter process and has urged them to spread the message to their subjects.

Chiefs at the meeting

Speaking during a sensitization meeting with Traditional Leaders, concerned stakeholders and the community in Kasungu district, MEC Commissioner Reverend Clifford Baloyi said they saw it wise to engage chiefs to help spread the message of importance of going to vote in the by-election.

“We believe chiefs have been vital in sensitizing their subjects to vote in the by-elections because chiefs have more power in the community due to their responsibility so the meetings are to inform them on what is expected while we are approaching polling day, what they are supposed to do and not do but also on issues of result management,” said Baloyi.

Commissioner Baloyi said it is the right of every eligible citizen to take part in voting because it is everyone’s democratic right to choose leaders of their choice and the process starts with getting the right information about how things work.

He then urged all that registered to go and vote on 05 November 2019.

By Erah Pinifolo