Catholic University Students in dinner and dance for the needy


Students from Catholic University of Malawi (CUNIMA) on Saturday held a dinner and dance to mobilise resources for their fellow students in need of tuition fees support.

CUNIMA students through their union leaders disclosed that the gesture follows a need to assist some students facing hiccups in paying fees at the University.

Some of the people at the event

Benjamin Chitekwe who is the president for the students union said the university has some students in need of help for them to complete their studies.

“I have been with them as their leader for a year now, during this time, there are some issues that I noted from them, and among them being financial challenges to pay school fees and that drove us to come up with this event so that we can bail out our fellow students in paying school fees,” said Chitekwe.

He added that the students union plans to construct a hostel that is to help in mobilising resources for the students in need of financial aid towards their education.

He then pleaded with well-wishers to join efforts of the students union in helping those that have financial challenges to pay fees at the university.

Registrar of the University Francis Nkhoma commended the students union for the initiative that is to help those deserve quality education offered by university not to be left out.

Nkhoma also advised the current students’ union leaders to pass the spirit of supporting needy students to other leaders that are to come after them.

During the dinner and dance, people that attended made pledges to assist students in need of financial assistance.

Beautiful wall paintings and mountain bike bicycle are among the goods that were sold on auction to help in sourcing funds for the needy students from CUNIMA.

The students union has since realized a sum of K6 million from the dinner and dance.