Unbelievable: TB Joshua finds a demon that stops sexual intimacy

SCOAN Prophet T.B. Joshua

… It was hard for my husband to penetrate me. However, a young man would go inside and have an affair with me without any problem

Prophet T.B. Joshua has revealed that there is a demon which he says is the reason that some people do not enjoy sex or reach orgasm when making love.

He said the demon also causes people to have wet-dreams.

With this revelation, it will not be surprising to see people throw away gondolosi, Viagra and other concoctions and pills taken to charge their libido.

The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) leader made the revelation after identifying a woman whose ‘sexual passage’ had been blocked by the said demon.

“There is a woman whose passage is blocked. Surprisingly, in the night you always have a nightmare dream that a man enters your passage” he prophesies in the clip that Emmanuel TV shared.

TB Joshua said the demon was a cause of the woman’s frequent nightmares and wet-dreams.

The woman, identified as Ngozi Nwachukwu, is said to have sought medical intervention only for the problem to keep on resurfacing.

Prophet TB Joshua said the woman’s passage was blocked only for affection and making love but open whenever she relieves herself in the restroom.

“The passage was blocked only for affection. There is a fluid coming out of you right now. Take her to the restroom”.

The woman revealed later that as she could not experience intimacy in the family, she kept fighting and arguing with her husband, Christian Nwachukwu.

“I feel so good like a woman right now” she testified, saying that the experience started after a miscarriage.

“Whenever my husband wants to penetrate me, it was always hard but I would dream of a young man who would go inside and have an affair with me. But when my husband would try to penetrate me, I felt like someone was digging a hole” she testified.

She added that the experience would leave her husband dejected.

“The next thing, as a man he is, all his body will be down. I would keep telling him, let us keep trying. But I thank God, the Man of God delivered me in Jesus name”.

She mentioned that after being delivered, when the demon that was instigating the spiritual attack preventing the couple from enjoying marital intimacy was cast out, her husband was able to penetrate her.

“Within seconds, I was wet and my husband just penetrated me immediately” said Mrs Nwachukwu.

Her husband said the night’s experience after the prophecy was ‘magical’.

“After the prophecy, we went to the house and behold, at night we mate and everything was successfully free” he said.