Cooking competition organised in Lilongwe


A cooking competition has been organised in Lilongwe to provide an opportunity to people to explore their skills in cooking.

One of the organisers of the competition Laura Munthali said the competition will be held from Monday to Friday next week and the prize presentation will be at Latitude 13 Hotel in Lilongwe next weekend.

Munthali added that the competition called Cooking Table will grade understanding of cooking instructions, skills on preparation and speed at which the recipe can be properly prepared.

She went on to say that the cooking table has independent judges and observers who were selected according to their cooking skills and understanding the winner.

“The judges will grade the meals prepared and score accordingly and every participant will be provided with results in an envelope which will be kept confidential until the final day of presenting the winner,” she explained

To enter the competition, individuals are expected to pay K6,000 and they will battle it out with other participants to win the prize.

All ingredients and recipes will be made available for the participants and they will be expected to own the kitchen one by one for a maximum amount of time given to them depending on the recipes provided.

The lucky winner will walk away with K50,000.