Russia should do what history failed, APM tells Putin


Malawi President, Arthur Peter Mutharika, has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that time has come for Russia to do what history failed to do over the years.

Mutharika (R) speaking at the summit

The Malawi leader made the remarks on Thursday when he addressed the Russia-Africa Economic Summit in Sochi, Russia.

Speaking before fellow heads of states and government, President Mutharika told delegates to the Russia-Africa summit that Africans deserve dignity and respect which has the been denied to them by some of its friends, who have derailed the growth of the continent economically for so many years.

“Africa is the land of great opportunities and Africa has the highest number of resources in the world but despite that, others only chose to see poverty and crisis,” Mutharika spoke before African presidents.

He commended Russian President Vladimir Putin and African leaders for taking a bold and visionary step for opening a new door for African opportunities.

President Mutharika challenged the leaders at the Russia-Africa summit that Africa is not a land of misfortunes but all it needs a strong friend like Russia to actualize the African development potential for mutual benefit.

He added that countries like Russia must look at Africa as a partner in development and a production point of the world and not a target for exploitation; adding that Africa has the needed labor force and markets for the development of all the people.

Mutharika said Malawi is on the move to industrialization, a move which Russia has tried and excelled in.

In order for the Malawi’s dream of industrialization to come true, Mutharika invited Russian investors to come to Malawi to bankroll projects in Malawi in major sectors like tourism, education, health, agriculture, energy, mining, manufacture, security, ICT and financial services.

He then assured fellow Africa nations that Malawi will continue to be committed to ending cross-border crimes which hinder development.

The first-ever Russia-Africa summit winds up on Friday .


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  1. He can speak at all cost but implementation of his administration is our of reach to many idle Malawians.
    He has spoken about Russian investors to invest in Malawi where by there is no hope in him by idle Malawians.
    By ignoring Infrasctural projects inside Malawi’s growth is just a flare joke.
    Where are Roads and Electricity for those investors to come and invest in Malawi?
    If local Malawians struggle to transport their logistical needs and Energy shortage,
    How can foreign investors believe in his leadership credentials?
    Malawi will just smell coffee of riches as if the government don’t invest in Infrasctural projects such as Roads and Energy infrascture

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