Organisation raises funds to support orphanage in Mchinji


An organisation formed by Malawian and Swedish nationals called Malawi Sweden Association (MASWE) recently held a fundraising dinner in Sweden to raise funds for orphans in Malawi.

Chairperson of the organisation Sydney Kalimanjira said the event held last Saturday was in response to a request from Tidzuke Orphanage Centre in Mchinji asking for financial assistance to buy food.

Some of the people at the fundraising dinner

“We want to help them buy various foodstuffs enough to take them to the next harvest time in 2020. Children living around the centre come to eat and then engage in studies and other school related activities,” Kalimanjira told Malawi24.

According to Kalimanjira, the association started in 2005 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He said the group was previously helping orphans in Ntcheu and Dowa with school fees.

The organisation started supporting different projects at Tidzuke Orphanage Centre in Mchinji district after being approached in 2011 and since then all the funds raised are channelled to the facility.

“We sponsor different projects being conducted by the orphan centre. In the past, we donated solar cookers and also donated cows, goats and chickens which the centre is rearing for self-reliance. We also donate money to help them buy foodstuffs,” he said.

Kalimanjira told Malawi24 that the organisation is focused to support the orphans at the centre to become self-reliant.

“Our aim is to focus more on supporting the centre’s program of vocational training for older orphans to equip them with skills and make them self-reliant. We will also continue supporting the feeding program run by the centre,” he said.

Apart from supporting the orphans, MASWE recently donated pigs to women in Chitipa to uplift their economic status.

According to Kalimanjira, last Saturday’s fundraising event was patronised by both Swedish and Malawian students pursuing studies at Gothenburg University.