Miracle wife! Pastor Lukaua ‘delivers’ a wife to a ‘single man’


A match made in heaven.

Single men and women have started flocking to Alleluia Ministries after the church’s pastor Prophet Alph Lukau delivered a miracle wife to a man.

The man, identified as Lucky Alex, is said to have joined the church in 2017. After being located by the self acclaimed man of God, Mr Alex confessed that he had been struggling in finding a wife.

Alex said he had been asking God for a wife to fully establish his life but to no avail.

His family was reportedly pressuring him to find a wife being the “first born at home, and according to their culture, his younger brothers have to wait for him to be married in order to get married”.

“I am the first born, so I am supposed to be married first before my four young brothers. So they are waiting for me to get married first according to our culture” says Alex.

When asked if he was ready to start his own family, Alex responded with a ‘certainly yes’ response.

Immediately, Lukau tells Alex that his siblings do not have long to wait because he was sensing the man’s wife amidst the congregants.

“But you said you are ready because I feel that your wife is here today.  Not everybody who wants to get married, their prospective wife or husband is here. But yours is here”, prophesies Lukau.

The televangelist, arguably South Africa’s most popular prophet, also revealed that Alex’ suitor had been fasting for “7 days” with a single prayer request, asking God “to send her a husband”

“There is a lady that has been praying for seven days fasting. This lady has no child and says that her time is passing. The  Lord is telling me that you are an answer that prayer. Can I find her for you” he reveals before starting a ‘hunt’ for the bride.

“I will find you” says the prophet, while walking and searching around the church, adding: “Your miracle will locate you”.

The clip below, shared by Lukau’s church on its official YouTube channel, shows the moment Prophet Lukau locates Lucky Alex for a a miracle wife.

“That is my husband, the prophet is speaking to me” a prayer the miracle wife reveals to have made when Alex was giving his confession.

The prophet orders the man to walk with his wife to be.

“She has walked too many long distances alone. One more is too much. Walk with her, and have time to know each other.”

The miracle couple then exchange their very first hug before walking to Maggie with Alex confessing that she is his type.




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