EGENCO officials, pilot survive plane accident


A pilot and two Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) employees survived with minor injuries after their plane failed to stop on the runway in Likoma.

The Ulendo plane overshot the runway

The three are a pilot for Ulendo Airlink, EGENCO spokesperson Moses Gwaza and an engineer at Egenco Lyton Chauwa.

They boarded the plane in Lilongwe and went to Likoma for official duties.

After touching down on the runway in Likoma, the plane developed a fault in its braking system.

It only stopped after hitting the embankment, injuring the three people in the process.

The three were taken to hospital where the pilot was treated for head abrasion. Gwaza and Chauwa were treated as out-patients.

In a statement, Ulendo Airlink confirmed that the Cessna C210 aircraft oveshot the runway.

“Civil aviation authorities have been notified and are being flown to Likoma Island by Ulendo Airlink for a further assessment of the situation.

“We are currently not in a position to determine the cause of the incident and all protocols are being followed as stipulated undef aviation regulations,” the company said.

The Ulendo plane operates between Lilongwe and Likoma via Mzuzu airport.