Livingstonia Synod calls for enforcement of mandatory retirement


…as over 600 graduate from Unilia

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP)   Livingstonia Synod has asked government and companies to strictly observe the mandatory retirement age in order to create space for fresh graduates.

The call was made at the graduation ceremony of 606 students from University of Livingstonia (Unilia) which took place at Mzuzu Stadium on Saturday.

Principal Secretary Saidi handing a graduate their award

Speaking at the ceremony, the Synod general secretary Reverend Dr Levi Nyondo said unemployment would be reduced in the country had it been that government and companies were strictly observing retirement age which is currently at 65.

He pointed out that there are plenty of vacancies in government offices and companies whose holders have reached retirement age that would be filled by the fresh graduates.

“We are sure that there are many vacancies right there in government offices and companies however some individuals that have reached retirement age are not ready to pave way for the graduates.

“We are therefore urging government and other employers to be strict by letting those that have reached the retirement age to go so that they can create space for the graduates,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the university’s vice-chancellor Reverend Timothy Nyasulu hailed the partnership the university has with the government.

He said the university has expansion plans where it wants to expand to Kaning’ina area in Mzuzu hence it will continue seek support from government.

The University of Livingstonia was established by the Synod in 2003 and currently has campuses at Laws in Rumphi and Ekwendeni in Mzimba.

“We have come a long way and this is our 13th congregation. We appreciate the partnership we have with government and it is our hope that this will continue as we implement our expansion,” Nyasulu said.

He revealed that from now onwards the graduation ceremony will be held on 12 October in honour of Robert Laws who established the first school at Khondowe in Rumphi.

Out of 606 students who have graduated from Unilia this year, 248 are female.

On his part, principal secretary for the Ministry of Education, Justice Saidi urged the graduates to utilise the skills gained as expected by the society.

“As government, we will continue to work with Unilia. It is good that the university is working hard to support government in providing tertiary education in the country,.

“To graduates, we urge you to utilise the skills gained, Government is aware about the importance of having good education that’s why President launched a 250 secondary school project, this will help many learner’s to have an opportunity to good education,” he said.

Last year, Unilia graduated 394 students and 138 were ladies.