Gwamba’s Akondakitale: An epic fail

Yesterday, Lawi and Gwamba dropped a song. But, that does not read accurate, yesterday Gwamba dropped a song that features Lawi. Also, after listening to the song, that sounds dishonest; so, yesterday there was a song that appeared which has Lawi singing one thing and Gwamba forcing himself to fit in — albeit with no success.


You know that thing of playing with words (it’s called puns), it is what Gwamba tries to do on the song. Well, if you have yet to listen to it and are wondering if he was successful, I will help you navigate around it. It’s only as successful as HRDC demonstrations have been in removing Jane Ansah this far.

I won’t even bother to talk about the merging (or the failure thereof) of two artists with different musical leanings in the song. I will just remind you that Lucius Banda has ever partnered with Thomas Chibade and I still have the song on my playlist, but for this one, it’s out. I am actually suffering from post-listening stress disorder and currently trying to remind myself to forget that I have, once again, been scammed by a hype.

The Namoko that Lawi loves for leisure activities is there. It comes with that same synthesis of the old in recent times, but beyond that it is not much that one can write about.

If this song was released by two unknown, and unverifiable musicians, it would have been forgotten. Like a sad memory. Listened to with shameful caution. It would not even have been titled.

But, it’s Gwamba, so we can keep on hyping it while we pretend that we can’t see that the matchmaking between Gwamba and Lawi has exposed him (Gwamba), has mocked Lawi and — in far much fewer words — is a mix of oil and water or, at the worst, a forced relationship between a mere hare and an elephant in which the hare is thinking it can carry an elephant on its back.

Gwamba has released an album. I like the title. I have not listened to it. But, so far for Akondakitale, it is a miss. Out of 10, I would choose to walk away than rate it. Threatened with a gun to my head that I should rate it, I would give it a minus 10 and thereafter spend the rest of my life at the altar of music gods to beg for forgiveness.

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  1. Disregarding the content of the article, i write to say i appreciate the craftiness of the author with sentence constructions. So poetic

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