Ovi Bunya continues to use Inkosi Gomani`s photos

With Inkosi Gomani V set for his wedding on 2nd November 2019, pictures of the Ngoni paramount chief together with ex-girlfriend Ovixlexla Bunya are still up on Miss Bunya’s Facebook account.

The Ngoni Paramount Chief will tie a knot with his South African fiancee Rishaladza Khanyisa Mathebula from Giyani, Limpopo province in South Africa next month.

The wedding comes months after Miss Bunya sued the chief for denying responsibility for her pregnancy.

It is not clear if Miss Bunya will seek an injunction in a quest to stop the wedding from happening.

However, on her Facebook account she continues to use a picture of herself with Gomani as her profile picture and another one as a cover photo.

The chief’s wedding will happen on the sidelines of the annual Umhlangano Ngoni Festival.

Inkosi Gomani V, born Mswati Willard  Kanjedza Gomani, will have a royal treat to his wedding as it will happen on the same day as the Umhlangano which starts with slaughtering of a calf near Gomani`s grave. According to their customs, the slaughtered calf will be eaten without salt.

Gomani became the crown prince following the death of his father Kanjedza Gomani in 2009. He was inaugurated as Ngoni Paramount Chief in 2012.