Council warns against cultivation of crops in Lilongwe City


The Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has warned residents against cultivating crops in open spaces along major roads, open spaces in built up areas and on undeveloped plots.

LCC issued the warning in a statement on its Facebook page today. The council reminded residents that it is illegal to use undeveloped plots, open spaces and road reserves as agricultural gardens for cultivation of various crops including maize.

“This is contrary to the provisions of the Physical Planning Act 2018 and the Lilongwe Urban Master Plan 2030 for the City of Lilongwe. Using the said types of land lots for agricultural purposes is a violation of the land use plan of the City,” reads part of the statement.

According to the council, crops in such plots create a security challenge during the rainy season as they provide hiding places for thieves and thugs.

The crops also increase levels of mosquitoes that cause malaria thereby putting residents close to such gardens to increased risks of contracting malaria.

“The crops detract from the built up environment and townscape. This is more acute when the crops are drying up,” the  council said.

LCC then urged residents to love their city and neighborhoods by complying with the aspect on crop cultivation. It also asked neighborhood community leaders to sensitize residents in their areas on this and work with the Lilongwe Council to ensure that the law adhered to.

The Lilongwe City Council has since warned that  it shall enforce the law on those who choose not to comply for the greater good of the city’s residents.