Bushiri helped me obtain a visa to the US even without proper paperwork, claims woman

Shepherd Bushiri
A woman in South Africa claims that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri helped her obtain a 10 year-miracle-US-visa without having proper paperwork.

The woman, Lesego Beauty Zitha, made a testimony this morning during what has been dubbed as the Financial Revival Sunday at Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

Miss Zitha, according to her testimony which was beamed live on Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel and social media platforms, has been working for 14 years without a promotion.

Shepherd Bushiri
Going to America courtesy of Major 1’s prophetic prayer

“I have been working for over 14 years without a promotion. But in 2015 when I came here, Papa prophesied to me when he was doing prophetic gymnastics. He took hold of my passport and said he sees me leaving and he sees a ticket in my forehead” she testifies.

According to a summary of her testimony shared on Bushiri’s official Facebook page, Zitha who is also a steward of the church, the prophecy that she would travel was her turning point.

The Botswana national, born on 5 May 1975, explains that she started making friends with people from abroad who came to church hoping maybe her miracle would come to pass through them, but still, nothing happened.

She then decided to attend one of Bushiri’s International Visitors sessions.

No paperwork, no problem

“I came for International and would meet people from the US who could assist me to go to the US. I came for 5 International Meetings. The fifth International, the Open Door International, Papa prayed for us and believed”.

Immediately after the program, her friend from the UK connected her with another lady who resides in the USA who she she discovered was also a daughter of Major 1. She took a step of faith and asked the friend if she could travel to USA to stay with her and the friend agreed without asking many questions.

“When I chatted with her, I realised she was the daughter of Major 1. I said to her that I wanted to go to the States whether to work or to further my studies. She said: ‘no problem, I am gonna assist you to do the Visa’. I applied, and even knowing far too well that I did not have the money required in my account, but I said God of Major 1 will sustain me and make it work when I go to the interviews” she says.

The 44 year old woman applied for the Visa, and had no difficulties in obtaining the visa “even without having proper paper work” claims a post shared on the Prophet’s Facebook page.

“When I tried to give the woman (interviewing her) the envelop with my documents, she said: ‘no, I don’t need that’. She didn’t even ask if I had enough money. She just said, ‘congratulations, come get your Visa on Thursday'”.

When the convener asked if she got her Visa without  enough paper work, Zitha responded: “Nothing, I was even wondering how the woman knew whether I had money”.

The convener then chips in, “It’s not about what you have or what you do not have. It’s about the word that comes out. So when the prophet declares, stop asking yourself questions. Don’t ever limit yourself that you are not fit for these words”.

Miracle Visa

Miracle visa

Zitha says she has been issued with a 10 year miracle Visa despite not having proper paper work.

“When I went back on Thursday to collect the it, I was so surprised because they usually give people whether six month, 5 years, 2 years but they gave me a 10-year-visa” said Miss Zitha who also revealed that she resigned from her work.

According to her travelling itinerary that she shared with the Church, she is scheduled to travel to the States on 14 September, departing from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport to New York via Dubai.

Like several others commenting on the post that Bushiri shared, Kubuya Likha wrote: “I connect as I also stand in faith and awaiting the manifestation of my prophecy too to the USA”.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is one of the charismatic pastors and most followed religious leaders in Africa. The Malawian born preacher is the founder of  ECG church which is headquartered in South Africa.

The Church meets at Pretoria Showgrounds every Sunday.

32 thoughts on “Bushiri helped me obtain a visa to the US even without proper paperwork, claims woman

  1. Feel sad for this people who think that this man is a God or a prophet. This lies have really brainwash this people and hope they can be awake for this act.


  2. Hi I would love to say Prophet Sheperd Bushiri is a true man of God .God does take His Word the bible very serious.Let us read the Word of God as it says Dont touch mine anointed dont do my prophets any harm.Its okay to differ but dont harm the prophet by what you hear .The prophet concentrate mainly on helping people to know Jesus .Part of a Christian God fearing prophets calling is to do miracles.If you listen to major 1 for over all these years he will always give praise to Jesus as he does say he doesnt do any healing Jesus does it through him.Jesus is Lord and let us uplift the name of Jesus and thank God for sending us in these last days a mighty true prophet a Major prophet Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to help us have a better future through His Major prophet.I love you all but lets lift Jesus up and lets follow Jesus by spreading love .

  3. Prophet Bushiri is a 100% a true prophet of God I’m living proof Prophet Bushiri is more interest in winning souls for Jesus .Miracles is part of his profession according to the Bible and God warn strictly please people don’t harm the prophet as God said Don’t touch my Anointed don’t do my prophets any harm.Please don’t harm him he helped me to be a good mom a good wife a really good Christian and The prophet gave me the best and richest gift Jesus Christ please Consider to give Jesus a chance we love you all let’s spread love Jesus loves you

  4. Wooooooow what a mighty God of Major 1 we serve. Our God is a specialist of I possibilities. The God who qualifies the unqualified. The creator of the heaven and universe. I katalambano and I biazo this testimony. I connect in Jesus mighty name. ALL THE ENEMIES OF PROPHET SHEPHERD BUSHIRI AND ECG AT LARGE WILL GATHER TO SCATTER IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

  5. I am asking the man of GOD to pray for me to get a job . I am currently based in Germany. I need prayer for a better beginning in Germany. The Lord is my shepherd.. The rest will be on God will.

  6. Liars, I feel pity for these people. Bushiri has brainwashed them. They don’t talk Jesus. They only talk about bushiri. Stupid people

  7. What documents? My visa took 2 minutes. She just looked at me and asked where i am going to stay and when i will be back? I even had a fake payslip showing R50 000 a month and fake title deeds etc in an envelope but she never asked for it! Documents are rarely required please stop fooling people! She just said come get your visa after 3 days so am not sure what the miracle is here!

  8. To malawi24.com…I’m loving what God is doing in ECG church. As you keep reporting, may God open more international doors, in Jesus Mighty name ?

  9. You can question 1+1, but can’t question 2,because 2 is the answer.
    You can question the prophecy but not the testimony.
    To the world its foolish, but to us in the spirit it’s wisdom we understand.
    The God of Major 1, Jehovah Jireh

  10. Defrauding the state of its policies. Is that something true Christians could be encouraged to uphold?

  11. Since you don’t believe that God is powerful,his Able to do anything behind humain understand that’s why you are busy minding Bushiri and Alph Lukau Business.

  12. US embassy does not need paperwork. The information u complete on line.its all what is needed.I applied on line ang had all the documents but did not ask for them.I got 10yesrs Visa to USA and I m not Bushiri child and I hate this money making fake pastors.

  13. Ooh Yes, I connect in Jesus mighty name Amen

  14. This can only be God of Major 1

    If its that easy to fake one of such numerous miracles and you are still miserable in conditions and life

    Then you are the most pitied on earth

    Even when those Major 1 is “Fooling” are doing better than you

    Think far Mr Christian “indeed”

  15. How far will people go to use God’s name to achieve their needs without fear. I feel sorry for those women who are so desperate nd will do anything to see a predetermined miracle. God said I gave u freely so give freely. For people to say they believe in God then go out to pay for a session with the whatever one ‘Go tshwana fela le go ya ngakeng. Whats funny is all this so called pastors make their names in South Africa. They are not welcomed in their own country nd yet we have idolized them. Shame on us. A country with no back bone. We can’t even appreciate our own. What can I say we all have a choice. Remember nothing in this world go unpunished no matter how long it may take. Stop making people demigods coz there’s only one God.

  16. This Bhushir is still gonna chow your money big time.
    Bantu labamnyana niyovuka nini emacandzeni goooshh.

  17. My father!!!! my father!!!!! Provovo I’m waiting my big miracle I know and I believe one day miracle will happen to me..love you papa

  18. So what! A visa for is miracle, wake up from your sleep.

  19. Miracles happen by faith. God of Major 1 do a miracle in my family.By faith I receive it and I believe.Amen

  20. Christians shou;d prey hard that te frudster Bushiri gets a long long prison sentence soon.

  21. More lies and scams from ECG and Bushiri, the Papa of lies ! When is Conman Bushiri going to repent, apologise and ask for forgiveness for his fake resurrection of an 111 year old boy and his enormous $100 billion AFRICCI fund scam.

  22. The testimony may lead to the cancellation of her Visa. It is so sad that our people follow these charlatans like Bushiri

  23. Why publish the actual Visa and traveling dates? Knowing Americans,, this Visa will be revoked.. They will start investigating how the Visa was issued without proper documentation… Truth

  24. You don’t need a paper work to go to America. All you need is Trust. If you can be trusted to go to America and return to your country after your visit then you have your Visa. I also traveled to America without a paper work. After my visit I returned to Nigeria.

  25. Liars, challattans and schemers, do you think anyone can believe this lies

  26. God of Major one ,my God of impossibilities. I connect and tap the anointing.Miracle worker is your title!

  27. I wonder who these people are fooling. Theres no waay you can get a USA visa if you dont have the right paperwork. Please stop lying to people about your fake miracles.

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