Minister Kutsaira locks out late comers

Bintony Kutsaira

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Bintony Kutsaira this morning locked late comers out of the ministry’s offices at Capital Hill and warned that the ministry will take action against them.

Kutsaira went the ministry’s offices at Capital Hill this morning to corner late comers.

He ordered that the offices be closed at 7:30AM to deny access to people reporting late for work.

At around 9AM, Kutsaira told the members of staff that the ministry will no longer tolerate late coming and urged them to start arriving at work on time.

The minister then allowed the late members of staff to go to their officers but warned that next time late comers will be sent back.

Kutsaira who is also MP for Lilongwe Nsinja North was appointed Minister in June following the May 21 elections.