Network for HIV positive youth established in Phalombe


Youths who are HIV positive in Phalombe now have a platform where they can share problems they are encountering in their respective communities following the establishment of Y+ District Network.

The network was established on Thursday morning which was followed by orientation for the office bearers who will be carrying out their duties up to the year of 2022.

District Youth development officer for Phalombe, Ian Sukali, said due to the absence of the network, issues of advocacy for quality health care and support on issues such as nutrition were a problem.

“There was a gap among the youths that are positive as they have been lacking a platform since there are only teen clubs which are meant for those who are under 19 years of age.

“As you know the youth is anyone who is under 35 years old so others youths who aren’t in the teen clubs have been lacking a space where they can discuss matters affecting them and the coming of this network is a great opportunity for them,” said Sukali.

He added that whatever the youths will be discussing will be taken to the Phalombe District Council through the district youth network chairperson who represent young people at the council level.

With support from Action Aid, the district youth office also conducted meetings with different stakeholders who later came up with action plan for the next three months which the Y+ Network and the partners have to follow.