Chilima’s words come back to haunt him

Saulos Chilima

UTM president Saulos Chilima’s defence of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah has come back to haunt him.

In a video that has been circulating on social media recently, Chilima is seen telling people at Chule Primary School Ground in Dedza last year that the MEC Chairperson should not resign and no one should dare intimidate her.

“Let me say this, MEC Chairperson wherever you are do not resign, next year is not far, just six months remaining. Conduct these elections so that others should not steal,” said Chilima.

He added: “Congratulations MEC and thank you that next year’s elections will be conducted well.”

After the elections, Chilima came third with one million of the 5.1 million votes cast while President Peter Mutharika was declared winner.

Before the Malawi Electoral Commission announced Mutharika as winner, Chilima called on the electoral body to nullify the vote and hold fresh polls.

The UTM leader said the credibility of the elections were greatly compromised as serious irregularities were not been satisfactorily dealt with.

The former Vice President later called on the MEC chairperson to resign accusing her of telling MEC staff to rig the polls in favour of Mutharika.

When Ansah refused to resign, Chilima and his supporters joined demonstrations organised by Human Rights Defenders Coalition demanding Ansah to step down.

6 thoughts on “Chilima’s words come back to haunt him

  1. Kodi anthu amafuna Chilima anene kuti ajane Ansah atule pasi udindo pachifukwa chani? Mayiyu tonse tinamukhulupilila kwambili ,koma sizimene timayembekezela ayi.poti wachita momwe sitimayembekezela chifukwa pakubwela zothula pasi udindo.

  2. Chilima ndiwopenga misala ka.mesa ndiyemweyo amati palibe adzabere mavoti nanga lero akuti chiani amalawi afika poti kaya mkuzindikira kwambiri kaya ndi ufulu .koma chot mudziwe udindo amapereka ndiyehova chifukwa chake aliyese amapemphera kut adzawine.NDE musatinyase ife tayamba kale kulandira zitukuko from APM

  3. So what? We are all idiots unless you have more bribes than the rest of the criminals.

  4. Yes Chilima said it, he was right because he had faith in Jane Ansah without knowing that it is not the DPP this time who will rig the votes its Jane Ansah myself that will still the votes for DPP. I instructed my guys to use Tipex even though it is not in our Electoral rules to use Tipex. The idea was to make DPP win because they gave us a large sum of money. If Chilima now changes to say i must resign he is right as well, because he thought i will make her a winner.

  5. So where is the connection of last year before the elections and after elections what MEC chair was promising was the vice vesa at the actual elections time.

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