Analyst says Ansah should heed protesters’ call

A Mzuzu based analyst says Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah should listen to the calls of Malawians who filled the streets on Friday demanding her resignation.

The social commentator Emily Mkamanga made the remarks in an interview following demonstrations organized by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

Emily Mkamanga,
Ansah should step down

“I would like Justice Jane Ansah to respect the call of many Malawians who are going out to demonstrate,” Mkamanga said.

The HRDC and opposition parties accuse Ansah of mismanaging the 21 May elections in which President Peter Mutharika was declared winner.

The organisation has been organizing demonstrations to protest against Ansah’s continued stay in office. Previous protests in Mzuzu turned ugly with protesters ransacking shops and government offices.

On Friday, the demonstrations in Mzuzu were peaceful with no major incidents of violence.

Mkamanga hailed the Malawi Defence Force for making sure that people marched peacefully.

She said it is not good for people to continue losing their property because of demonstrations.

“As a country we cannot manage to lose property worth millions through demonstrations at a time when we want to build our nation,” said Mkamanga.

Mkamanga also urged the HRDC to keep encouraging demonstrators to protests peaceful.

Meanwhile, HRDC says it will hold vigils at State House if Ansah continues to stay in office.



  1. Who are you to demand Ansah resignation are you the one that appointed her????To hell with your Trapence and Ntambo.You think what these people are doing represents the views of 18 Million Malawians? In democracy the views of those in majority count.These HRDC people are Satanists they are the same guys promoting homosexuality? All their powers are derived from Satanism and you are one of them.

  2. Plans of stupidity to all organizers. Why don’t you step down on your posts than forcing someone to step down? Do you think all people who lost their properties are happy enough with your ideas?. You are leaders of organizations but your brains are feeble like a chimpanzee. You push people to go for Virgil’s while you are busy with your wife’s in bed just watching on TV how poor people are being handled by the military. Shameful

  3. Amayi mwapenga misala kodi?asiyeni awo akuwononga zinthu zaboma akuwononga pachabe ife tikudikira akhothi potengera malamulo NDE inu amene simukutsata malamulonu nthawi ikwana lamulo ligwira ntchito pa inu

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