Lawyers’ body wants national dialogue over disputed poll

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has called upon political parties in the country to consider a national dialogue over the state of the nation following the outcome of the disputed May 21 presidential elections.

In a letter dated 12 July 2019, MLS has urged political leaders to have a dialogue, negotiate and reach a consensus despite their different interests for the sake of the country.

Following the May 21 Tripartite Elections, violent demonstrations have been held all over the country supported by major opposition parties MCP and UTM for the resignation of MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah who declared President Peter Mutharika winner of the polls.

On the contrary, there have been women’s demonstrations recently seeking to support the continued stay in office of Ansah.

The demonstrations have created a lot of civil strife and political unrest in the country hence the legal association has proposed a national dialogue between political leaders of different parties as a way of ending   the political tension.

The MLS has reckoned that any political settlement reached at such negotiations can easily be managed into the legal dispute that by its nature currently holds the nation in a position of uncertainty.

“All leaders are required to subject any personal interests to the national interests in managing the announced outcome of the May 21 presidential Elections,” added MLS.

Meanwhile, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party has made the first move towards negotiation by calling on UTM and MCP for a discussion.

2 thoughts on “Lawyers’ body wants national dialogue over disputed poll

  1. May the lawyers go F themselves.


    A citizen who isn’t making a career out of bribes and corruption.

  2. No need for dialogue as all we want is Peter to resign and he cannot just go with peacefull demostrations. He is american yes but his blood is african, fully corupted. How many african leaders just left the post considering the position of the people? All of them they want it untill the last drop of their blood. So for that blood to come theres pain and violence. If you were clever you could highlighted this to the illigitimate president that he lost we dont want him therefore for the sake of the nation he should go. 2014 it was the same thing he rulled up to now and plundered all the government finances, the poor remain poor and the rich increase their richness. Its not about MCP or UTM it is a revolution to show politicians that malawi of today is not the malawi that kamuzu ,Bakili and Bingu fooled. All we are waitng for is the court decision that is it. Why you legal exparts cant tell the truth? How much have you recieved from the storen money? Be careful because pipo are paying a price one after another and its just a matter of time. Whether Chakwela and chilima agree that will not deter us from fighting for justice and their resignations!

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