Malawi Defence Force soldier fired over audio clip


The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has fired a soldier who recorded an audio clip that went viral on social media after the Independence Day celebrations.

This is according to MDF spokesperson Major Paul Chiphwanya who spoke to one of the local media houses and confirmed the firing of Lance Corporal Lissa Mlotha on disciplinary grounds.

Major Chiphwanya said Mlotha acted against the MDF discipline by recording and uploading the audio on social media, and not following procedures of lodging complaints.

The MDF publicist further said the behaviour by Mlotha is a clear indication that she wanted to get fired.

“Mlotha flouted army discipline by not lodging her complaints with the authorities, and worse still posted on social media. This is an internal issue though, but I can tell you that the MDF is of the view that Mlotha wanted an excuse to leave the MDF, so we had to let her go,” said Chiphwanya.

Meanwhile, Mlotha has since confessed that the voice in audio which is in circulation is hers however she has denied recording or posting the audio on social platforms.

“Of course the voice is mine but I did not record that audio. I suspect that since the issue was being discussed in a group, somebody recorded and uploaded it on social media without my knowledge because I was also surprised when I saw it trending,” said Mlotha.

It is alleged that after 6 July’s independence celebrations, some soldiers on parade from Cobbe Barracks in Zomba were paid K6, 000 while their colleagues from Kamuzu Barracks pocketed K84, 000 as allowances a development which saw the release of the audio.