We will continue to stand strong – APAM


Persons with albinism in Malawi say they will continue to stand strong in the face of killings, attacks and kidnappings.

Board member of Association for Persons with Albinism (APAM) Grace Massah said this during the commemoration of International Albinism Awareness Day at Golden Peacock in Lilongwe on Thursday under the theme “Still standing strong”.

In her statement, Massah said there is a need to change attitudes towards persons with albinism starting from the community level in the villages to urban areas.

She also noted that some children with albinism are subjected to discrimination by their own siblings in their homes.

She called for an end to systematic discrimination and myths against persons with albinism.

Massah also expressed concern over lack of adequate and affordable medical interventions for skin cancer.

She asked government to subside and localise the medicine so that the ordinary Malawian can afford and buy.

She noted that government has put in place interventions such as the National Action Plan on Persons with Albinism (2018-2022), presidential taskforce on persons with albinism, commission of inquiry on persons with albinism and distribution of security gadgets.

She, however, expressed concern over government’s failure to commit funds for implementation of some of the interventions

Massah also condemned organisations and people who are raising funds in the name of persons with albinism yet they use the funds for personal gains.

Julian Priscilla Mabangwe who represented the Department of Disability and Elderly affairs said they will continue to support persons with albinism.

Another ceremony for Albinism Awareness Day will be held on June 27 in Chiradzulu 27.