Minister of Justice gives support to Lundu-led Bwalo la Achewa


Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Samuel Tembenu, has said Government is committed to see to it that cultural heritages are working with traditional leaders as custodians of culture in the country.

Speaking during an induction service of the Bwalo La Achewa chiefs council held at Senior Chief Kalonga headquarters in Salima on Saturday, Tembenu assured people in Malawi that Bwalo La Achewa Foundation (BOLA _ CEFO) is legally registered by the Registrar General and has a certificate recognising it to be the only body which will speak for all the Chewas in Malawi.

The group is recognised

He said Bwalo La Achewa followed all the protocols to have it registered, appealing to all those who are thinking that the grouping will not survive to work with it for the good of all the Chewas in Malawi.

Tembenu asked the Bwalo La Achewa directors to work as one in order to achieve the goals and aspirations of all the Chewas in Malawi.

He said the Chewas are one hence a great need to foster unity amongst all the Chewas in Malawi.

He urged chiefs in the country to discharge their duties in the interest of their subjects by exercising justice in all matters affecting land issues saying issues of land must not be underlooked as doing so derails development projects being implemented in the area.

In his remarks, Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa, asked all those who are against his chieftainship to leave him alone saying he was the first ordained paramount Chewa chief in Malawi by Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, first president of the country on 5th July, 1969.

Paramount Chief Lundu assured all people in Malawi that he has papers supporting his chieftainship warning all those working to create divisions among the Chewa people to stop doing this as they will not succeed in their plans.

He said the Chewas of Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique are one and whether one likes it or not, one cannot separate Lundu from Gawa Undi.

The Paramount of Chief urged all the Chewa chiefs in Malawi to work with the government of the day regardless of their party affiliations saying they are on government payroll hence supporting and not politically but in development agendas.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Kalonga of Salima who is vice patron of the Bwalo La Achewa chiefs’ council, said the coming of Chief  Lundu to central region is a clear testimony that Bwalo La Achewa is here to stay for the preservation of the Chewa culture in Malawi.

Senior Chief Kalonga appealed to the Chewa chiefs who are still living in hiding afraid of being ousted from power to come out in the open saying no one in the country has powers invested to fire them from supporting a body that speaks for them in matters of national importance.

Tembenu’s presence at the Bwalo La Achewa function  dismissed claims which were made by members supporting the Chewa Heritage Foundation ( CHEFO) at a news conference in Lilongwe recently who threatened to arrest all chiefs supporting the Bwalo La Achewa Foundation.

But, the director of ceremonies, Group Village headman Sikayenda of Nkhotakota, called on the police to arrest them all at the function including the Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu, who came to grace the occasion as the guest of honour.