J Major keeps the fire burning in China


Afro pop maestro J Major has maintained his music heat in China even though he flew to the Asian nation for education.

The 21 year old is famed for his 2017 Magobo hit which features Dan Lu. His love for the mic has seen him balancing his education and music.

J Major is in China

He may be miles away from home but he cannot call it a stop working with Malawian musicians. Recently, he teamed up with Piksy on a track entitled You Never Know.

“I am doing music in China of course but then I have a great connection with artists back home and I will continue working with them, wherever I go,” said Major.

His latest work dwells on a theme of love. It is about a man proposing love to a woman who is proving to be very tough, then he is telling her that she never know that he is the one she has been dreaming for.

The audio was produced by Jmaas while the award winning Sukez directed the video.

When asked if he plans to penetrate the Chinese music industry, the Magobo hit maker said it’s just a matter of time although cultural differences pose a great challenge.

Born Juneid Khan, the singer cofounded Big Sounds Entertainment Label in 2016.