Govt threatens to reveal Chilima’s secrets


The Government has threatened to reveal Vice President Saulos Chilima’s secrets after the UTM leader claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is using public resources to sponsor its campaign.

Mussa: we will go into his cupboard

On Sunday Chilima said the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) are providing money to the DPP for its campaign.

In a statement on Monday night signed by Minister of Communications Henry Mussa, Government warned that it will be forced to reveal Chilima’s secrets.

Mussa said Chilima has a habit of making wild allegations citing his promises to reveal details about a rigging machine government procured and release a list of public officers involved in corrupt acts. The minister then challenged Chilima to produce evidence for the recent allegation.

“It is common knowledge that the books of the two institutions are audited and we challenge Dr. Chilima to produce just a single audit report that indicated or suggested the institutions are funding political activities of the DPP,” Mussa said.

The government spokesperson accused Chilima of sponsoring people at MRA and MACRA to manufacture allegations against their institutions saying the vice president holds a grudge against the two institutions dating back to his time in the private sector.

“The threats by Dr. Chilima are instigated by the personal grudges that he jealously cherishes against some individuals at MRA and MACRA which date back to the time he was in the private sector and which also registered during the time he chaired the Malawi Public Service Reforms Commission.

“These people are being targeted because he has personal scores to settle with them for reasons that are demeaning to reveal,” Mussa said.

In the statement, Mussa also observed that Chilima is selling his transformative agenda on the promise that under UTM administration taxpayers’ money will not be mismanaged but he is currently abusing public resources by receiving a salary and using other public resources such as vehicles and security while he absconds from duty.



  1. Very interesting indeed, assuming that Chilima has got skeletons in his closet, CAN DPP GOVERNMENT think twice before airing them????? I doubt very much.

  2. Just say what you got to say!
    You mean the Govt has secrets (for Dr Chilima) that hurts Malawi and still hold them to themselves?

  3. Mr Henry mussa pa 21 may sipatali amalawi tatopa ndi anthu oipa ngati inu osangoulura zimene mufuna kunenazobwanji mwagwirizana zomusemera chinyau chilima musova simumutha.

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