Chief calls for violence-free campaign

Sub Traditional Authority Onga of Chiradzulu, has called on politicians to hold a free campaign and support the winner after the polls for the benefit of the district.

The local leader made the remarks over the weekend in Mombezi Ward during a political debate for Councillor candidates organized by the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE TRUST).

Sub TA Onga making a statement

He said violence retards development and brings hatred among people, therefore has no room in modern politics.

“Bear in mind that at the end of the elections, there will only be one winner. So practice clean politics and tackle issues that are affecting our area, and the district at large, for the common benefit,” he said.

He further urged the candidates to support the winner after the elections; adding that there are a lot of challenges such as water scarcity and poor road networks among others that need to be addressed.

Earlier, NICE Trust officials, urged the voters to keep safe their voter certificates and vote in their large numbers on May 21, for only those leaders who are capable.

The officials further advised the people to report any suspicious act that jeopardizes their voting rights to 6466 toll free number.

Five out of nine candidates participated in the debate on health, agriculture, economy and education issues among others.

The candidates Susan Kondowe (UTM), Amon Sam (Independent), Hudson Sapanga (MCP), Charles Chigwenembe (DPP) and Linda Bwanali of Depeco, promised to end water woes currently facing the Ward.

They further unanimously pledged to improve road and bridge networks as well as promote education and youth empowerment.

Meanwhile, a series of debates have been lined up to the end of this month.