Chikomeni attracted UTM, MCP before endorsing Mutharika


Slipping presidential hopeful Ras David Chikomeni was selling like a hot cake to political parties before he threw his weight behind DPP leader Peter Mutharika.

Chikomeni who had his application to contest for presidency rejected by the Malawi Electoral Commission – MEC months ago has made the revelations.

Ras Chikomeni Chirwa: was approached by several parties

He says opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led by Lazarus Chakwera and the UTM led by Saulos Chilima had all been requesting his endorsement for their presidential bid.

According to Chikomeni, he settled for Mutharika because his vision and development quest is far much visible.

“I have endorsed him because he is a true and visionary leader. You must understand that parties such as the MCP, UTM and LCP had been courting me to endorse them. I chose the DPP in the end,” says Chikomeni in a snip clip of a program on Rainbow TV.

The parties might have seeking his name because of the popularity Chikomeni drew before the failed submission of his nominations.

He became popular for picking his mother as running mate, being a rasta let alone his radical ideologies against leadership in Malawi which he termed as being exploitative.

It is reported that he holds the highest number of views on Facebook Live on the days he was submitting his nomination papers in Blantyre.

The DPP faces six other presidential hopefuls in the run to the May 21 polls.



  1. You must resign as a Rastaman for you not fit a wise person cannot endorse the corrupt Dpp, people thought you are wise you’ve shown that you join politicals for material gains shame on you Chikomeni

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