Autopsy confirms Buleya died due to electrocution


A full autopsy has confirmed that Buleya Lule, a key suspect in the killing of a boy with albinism, died due to electrocution.

Buleya was arrested in February after suspects who admitted abducting Goodson Makanjira – a 14 year old boy with albinism – told a court in Lilongwe that he (Buleya) promised to give them K800,000 for kidnapping the boy.

Buleya died in custody

After appearing in court, Buleya was taken into police custody where he died.

An autopsy conducted by pathologist report Dr Charles Dzamalala has revealed that Buleya was electrocuted

“While electrocution is the primary cause of death in this instance, it was abundantly clear that the deceased was also assaulted with different types of implements, including but not limited to a cylindrical object inflicting trauma to the head and probably also a hot iron or similar object placed on a cloth over the skin rather than directly onto the skin around the left buttock.

“The nature and types of the injuries seen constitute torture by WMA standards. No evidence of any fatal natural disease process such as a hypertensive crisis, as alleged in some media circles, was seen during the autopsy and also microscopically,” says the report.

Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) engaged Dzamalala to conduct the autopsy.

During the forensic autopsy, police, APAM president Overstone Kondowe, MHRC Commissioner Mr. Lucious Pendame and a relative to the deceased were present.


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