Memorial held for Attati Mpakati


At the Attati Mpakati memorial on Saturday, organisers called upon people in the country to desist from mentioning Malawi Congress Party – MCP as a source of all atrocities some Malawians suffered when the party was in power saying it was the system of government which deserves blame.

The self-sponsored non-governmental organization that aims at remembering the forgotten heroes of this country, Lost History Foundation, organized the memorial seminar 36 years after Mpakati was assassinated during Kamuzu Banda’s regime.

Mpakati: was assasinated

MCP has been without cease mentioned to have caused some of this country’s citizens to suffer a lot which drove people into exile.

Responding to the continued attacks on MCP, authorities at Lost History Foundation appealed to the nation that if the country is to progress, people have to take off the claim that MCP is a vessel of Malawians’ tribulations and to realize that the then system of government had an element of cruelty.

In a separate interview with Malawi24, director of research at Lost History Foundation, Conleith Chester Sellenje said it is time to recognize all areas that drove the country to fail to render protection to its citizens and that there should be no similar encounter.

According to Sellenje, sticking on this issue can only delay the country in fighting for its progress.

“We cannot look forward to any party being responsible for all atrocities Malawians suffered but we look at a system as a whole. We can assure you that the system was responsible for all tribulations some Malawians went through. Now what we have to do as a nation is to reunite, reconcile and move forward,” said Sellenje.

And in a bid to assure Malawi that the current MCP is transformed, the president of the party, Lazarus Chakwera yesterday held prayers where among other things he apologized for MCP’s atrocities.

Addressing the congregation, Chakwera apologized to the nation and families of all people who suffered under Kamuzu Banda’s regime.

He urged all other political parties to work for the betterment of the rural based ordinary citizen and not for personal gain.

Chakwera also encouraged Malawians to always put God first.

“The objective is as a nation we cannot be God fearing and then disregard him in everything we do. If we want to be God fearing then let us put him first,” Chakwera confessed.



  1. It is stupidity to say that it was the system of government that was responsible for the atrocities in MALAWI. Did the system come on its own? Was it not introduced by MCP? Why did they introduce It?

  2. Con what you are saying is contradicting to what MCP is saying. You are saying the past atrocities are but for the system of government then and not MCP as a party. But Chakwera was apologizing for MCP attrocities. Mr Sellenje who are you trying to defend here? Was the government run by it self if not the MCP? The only way MCP can appologize to Malawians is to disband but as long as it continues to exist their past will continue to haunt them. There is no way the Germans can accept the NAZI party back even if it is lead by a reverend.

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